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The algebraic geometry seminar meets at 2.15pm on Wednesdays. Organizers: C Birkar, J Ross, M Gross

Algebraic Geometry talks may also be listed on the DPMMS web server

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If you have a question about this list, please contact: Andrew Aitchison; Caucher Birkar; Mark Gross; Roberto Svaldi; Dhruv Ranganathan. If you have a question about a specific talk, click on that talk to find its organiser.

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Behind the math: interview with Yuri Manin

UserYuri Manin (Max Planck Institute).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockThursday 16 July 2020, 13:00-14:00

Title to be confirmed

UserVeronica Fantini, SISSA.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 13 May 2020, 14:15-15:15

A tropical and logarithmic study of Milnor fibers

UserPatrick Popescu-Pampu (Lille).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 04 March 2020, 14:15-15:15

K-Stability and weighted K-stability

UserEveline Legendre, Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 26 February 2020, 14:15-15:15

The KKP conjecture for minimal adjoint orbits

UserElizabeth Gasparim, Antogafasta.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 19 February 2020, 14:15-15:15

Geometry of the double ramification cycle

UserDavid Holmes, Leiden University.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 12 February 2020, 14:15-15:15

Base loci of big and nef line bundles on irreducible symplectic varieties

UserUlrike Rieß, ETH Zürich.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 05 February 2020, 14:15-15:15

Exterior algebras and local mirror symmetry

UserJack Smith, University of Cambridge.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 29 January 2020, 14:15-15:15

Mirrors of the Johnson-Kollár series

UserGiulia Gugiatti, Imperial College London.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 22 January 2020, 14:15-15:15

Complete Complexes and Spectral Sequences

UserEvangelos Routis, University of Warwick .

HouseCMS MR3.

ClockWednesday 04 December 2019, 14:15-15:15

Comparing obstructions to local-global principles for rational points over semiglobal fields

UserValentijn Karemaker, Utrecht University.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 27 November 2019, 14:15-15:15

D Modules and rationality

Note the unusual time and day

UserLudmil Katzarkov (Miami).

HouseCMS MR14.

ClockTuesday 26 November 2019, 14:00-15:00

Compactifcations of Hermitian-Yang-Mills moduli space and the Yang-Mills flow on projective manifolds

UserBen Sibley, Université Libre de Bruxelles.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 20 November 2019, 14:15-15:15

Moduli spaces of twisted k-differentials and Pixton's cycle

UserJohannes Schmitt, Universität Bonn.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 13 November 2019, 14:15-15:15

Bounding Betti numbers of real hypersurfaces near the tropical limit

UserKristin Shaw, University of Oslo.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 06 November 2019, 14:15-15:15

About the categorical strong rationality conjecture for flopping curves

UserFrancesca Carocci, University of Edinburgh.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 30 October 2019, 14:15-15:15

Moduli theory, stability of fibrations and optimal symplectic connections

UserRuadhaí Dervan.

HouseCMS MR3.

ClockWednesday 23 October 2019, 14:15-15:15

Mirrors to punctured surfaces

UserEd Segal, University College London.

HouseCMS MR3.

ClockWednesday 16 October 2019, 14:15-15:15

Moduli of singular curves via non-reductive GIT

UserJoshua Jackson, Oxford.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 29 May 2019, 14:15-15:15

Towards Batyrev duality for cluster varieties

Note the unusual day and time

UserTim Magee, Birmingham.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockTuesday 28 May 2019, 16:00-17:00

Vector fields and moduli of canonically polarized surfaces in positive characteristic.

Note the unusual date and time

UserNikolaos Tziolas (Cyprus).

HouseCMS MR3.

ClockFriday 24 May 2019, 15:00-16:00

Quotients of higher dimensional Cremona groups

UserJérémy Blanc (Basel).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 15 May 2019, 14:15-15:15

Prym varieties and Brill-Noether theory

UserYoav Len, Georgia Institute of Technology.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 08 May 2019, 14:15-15:15

Quantum uniformisation and Calabi-Yau algebras

UserMarta Mazzocco (Birmingham).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 13 March 2019, 14:15-15:15

Measures on graphs and a Kazhdan’s theorem

UserFarbod Shokrieh, University of Copenhagen.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 06 March 2019, 14:15-15:15

Derived categories of cubic fourfolds and non-commutative K3 surfaces

UserEmanuele Macri (Northeastern).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 27 February 2019, 14:15-15:15

(e,d)-log canonical singularities

UserJoaquin Moraga, University of Utah.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 20 February 2019, 14:15-15:15

Smoothing toroidal crossing varieties

UserHelge Ruddat, Hamburg.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 13 February 2019, 14:15-15:15

(COW) Standard Models of Low Degree del Pezzo Fibrations via GIT for Hilbert Points

UserMaksym Fedorchuk, Boston College.

HouseCMS MR9.

ClockThursday 07 February 2019, 17:00-18:00

(COW) Tree Compactifications of the Moduli Space of Genus Zero Curves

UserDiane Maclagan, Warwick.

HouseCMS MR9.

ClockThursday 07 February 2019, 15:30-16:30

(COW) Open-Closed Duality is Mirror to the Double Suspension

UserMichel van Garrel, Warwick.

HouseCMS MR9.

ClockThursday 07 February 2019, 14:00-15:00

The stationary open Gromov-Witten theory of (CP^1,RP^1).

UserRan Tessler (Weizmann Institute).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 06 February 2019, 14:15-15:15

Complements on log canonical fano varieties

UserYanning Xu (Cambridge).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 30 January 2019, 14:15-15:15

The non-archimedean SYZ fibration

UserJohannes Nicaise, Imperial College.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 23 January 2019, 14:15-15:15

Hyperbolicity of moduli spaces and Hodge theory

UserYohan Brunebarbe, Université de Bordeaux.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 21 November 2018, 14:15-15:15

A class of singularity of arbitrary pairs and log canonicalizations

UserKenta Hashizume (Kyoto).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 14 November 2018, 14:15-15:15

A Ringel-Hall type construction of vertex algebras

UserDominic Joyce, Oxford.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 07 November 2018, 14:15-15:15

On Mori fibre spaces of dimension 4 and their automorphism group

UserEnrica Floris, Université de Poitiers.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 31 October 2018, 14:15-15:15

Distinguishing algebraic models for the open symplectic mapping tori

UserBaris Kartal, MIT.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 24 October 2018, 14:15-15:15

Berkovich approach to degenerations of hyper-Kähler varieties

UserEnrica Mazzon, Imperial College.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 17 October 2018, 14:15-15:15

Curves, maps, and singularities in genus one

UserDhruv Ranganathan (MIT/Cambridge).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 10 October 2018, 14:15-15:15

Pseudolattices, del Pezzo surfaces, and fibrations over discs.

UserAlan Thompson, Cambridge.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 30 May 2018, 14:15-15:15

A simple proof with effective bounds for the Kobayashi conjecture on generic hyperbolicity.

UserJean-Pierre Demailly (Grenoble).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 23 May 2018, 14:15-15:15

Birational boundedness of rationally connected Calabi--Yau 3-folds

UserJingjun Han (Peking).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 16 May 2018, 14:15-15:15

Examples of tropical-to-Lagrangian correspondence

UserGrigory Mikhalkin, University of Geneva.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 09 May 2018, 14:15-15:15

Vanishing theorems on globally F-regular varieties

UserShunsuke Takagi (Tokyo).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 02 May 2018, 14:15-15:15

Nonvanishing and a canonical bundle formula in positive characteristic

UserJakub Witaszek (Imperial College).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 28 February 2018, 14:15-15:15

Nef cones of Hilbert schemes of points via Bridgeland stability

UserBarbara Bolognese (Sheffield).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 21 February 2018, 14:15-15:15

Codimension one foliations with trivial canonical class

UserJorge Pereira (IMPA).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 07 February 2018, 14:15-15:15

Examples of perverse sheaves of categories

UserAndrew Harder.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockMonday 05 February 2018, 14:00-15:00

Polarised endomorphisms on projective varieties

UserPaolo Cascini (Imperial College).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 31 January 2018, 15:00-16:00

Log schemes, root stacks and parabolic bundle

UserNicolo Sibilla, University of Kent.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 24 January 2018, 14:15-15:15

On classification of terminal fano 3-folds

UserHamid Ahmadinezhad (Loughborough).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 29 November 2017, 14:15-15:15

PGL(2)-invariants of collections of torsion points of elliptic curves

UserFedor Bogomolov (Courant, NYU).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 22 November 2017, 14:15-15:15

P-functors and cyclic covers

UserTimothy Logvinenko, Cardiff.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 15 November 2017, 14:15-15:15

Mori theory and Foliations

UserCalum Spicer (Imperial College).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 08 November 2017, 14:15-15:15

Mirror symmetry for affine hypersurfaces

UserBenjamin Gammage, Berkeley.

HouseCMS MR11.

ClockMonday 23 October 2017, 14:15-15:15

Balanced embedding of degenerating Abelian varieties

UserYuguang Zhang, Imperial College.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 11 October 2017, 14:15-15:15

The Modularity/Automorphy of Calabi–Yau Varieties of CM type

UserNoriko Yui, Queens University..

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 31 May 2017, 14:15-15:15

Birational geometry of exceptional sets in Manin's conjecture

UserSho Tanimoto (Copenhagen).

HouseCMS MR4.

ClockWednesday 24 May 2017, 14:15-15:15

Orbital degeneracy loci and applications

UserSara Filippini (Cambridge).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 17 May 2017, 14:15-15:15

Igusa quartic and and Wiman-Edge sextics

UserIvan Cheltsov (Edinburgh).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 10 May 2017, 14:15-15:15

Enumerative Geometry via Homological Algebra

(Note: Special Day and Seminar Room)

UserDavid Favero (University of Alberta, KIAS).

HouseCMS MR4.

ClockMonday 08 May 2017, 14:15-15:15

Differential forms and the abundance conjecture

UserThomas Peternell (Bayreuth).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 15 March 2017, 14:15-15:15

A construction of Frobenius manifolds from stability conditions

UserJacopo Stoppa.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 08 March 2017, 14:15-15:15

Log birational boundedness of Calabi-Yau pairs

UserRoberto Svaldi (Cambridge/Trieste).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 01 March 2017, 14:15-15:15

Quantum representations and higher-rank Prym varieties.

UserJohan Martens (Edinburgh).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 22 February 2017, 14:15-15:15

Restricted volumes in Kahler geometry

UserTristin Collins (Harvard).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 15 February 2017, 14:15-15:15

On the number of minimal models of a smooth variety of general type

UserDiletta Martinelli (Edinburgh).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 08 February 2017, 14:15-15:15

On the moduli space of log K-polystable pairs formed by a hypersurface and a hyperplane section.

UserJesus Martinez-Garcia (Max Planck).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 01 February 2017, 14:15-15:15

On a conjecture of Voisin

UserRobert Laterveer (Strasbourg).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 25 January 2017, 14:15-15:15

On the Chow ring of holomorphic symplectic varieties

UserCharles Vial (Cambridge).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 18 January 2017, 14:15-15:15

Moduli spaces of holomorphic differentials

UserRahul Pandharipande.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockFriday 02 December 2016, 16:00-17:00

Title to be confirmed

UserJohan Martens (Edinburgh).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockSunday 27 November 2016, 14:15-15:15

Newton-Okounkov bodies and asymptotic invariants of divisors

UserJinhyung Park (KIAS).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 23 November 2016, 14:15-15:15

Mirror symmetry for homogeneous varieties.

UserClelia Pech (Kent).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 16 November 2016, 14:15-15:15

Intersection theory on the moduli spaces of r-spin discs

UserRan Tessler (ETH).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 02 November 2016, 14:15-15:15

Boundedness properties of linear systems and Fano varieties

UserCaucher Birkar (Cambridge).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 26 October 2016, 14:15-15:15

Around the Kronecker - Gromov-Witten correspondence

UserPierrick Bousseau (Imperial College).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 19 October 2016, 14:15-15:15

Derived categories of canonical covers of bielliptic and Enriques surfaces in positive characteristic

UserKatrina Honigs (University of Utah).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 12 October 2016, 14:15-15:15

Descending cohomology geometrically

UserYano Casalaina-Martin.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 01 June 2016, 14:15-15:15

Cohomological properties of non-Kahler manifolds

UserDaniele Angella (Universita degli Studi di Firenze).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 25 May 2016, 11:00-12:00

Poisson structures on Fano manifolds

UserBrent Pym (University of Oxford).

HouseCMS MR14.

ClockWednesday 18 May 2016, 14:15-15:15

Compactifications and kernels

UserMatthew Ballard (University of South Carolina).

HouseCMS MR4.

ClockWednesday 11 May 2016, 14:15-15:15

Automorphism groups of positive entropy of normal projective varieties

UserDe-Qi Zhang (Singapore).

HouseCMS MR4.

ClockWednesday 04 May 2016, 14:15-15:15

Generalised braid category

UserTimothy Logvinenko, University of Cardiff.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 27 April 2016, 14:15-15:15

COW: Mirror Symmetry

UserMark Gross (University of Cambridge).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockThursday 21 April 2016, 16:00-17:00

COW: Cutting and pasting in algebraic geometry

UserRavi Vakil (Stanford).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockThursday 21 April 2016, 14:15-15:15

COW: Surfaces with exceptional monodromy.

UserGenival da Silva (Washington University, St Louis).

HouseCMS MR14.

ClockThursday 21 April 2016, 11:30-12:30

A tropical descendent Landau-Ginzburg potential for P2

UserPeter Overholser, Imperial College.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 09 March 2016, 14:15-15:15

Frobenius splittings on T-varieties.

UserHendrik Suess (Manchester).

HouseCMS MR4.

ClockWednesday 02 March 2016, 14:15-15:15

Sigma Models and Phase Transitions

UserEmily Clader (ETH Zurich).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 24 February 2016, 14:15-15:15

K3 categories of cubic fourfolds

UserDaniel Huybrechts, University of Bonn.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 17 February 2016, 14:15-15:15

What is ... the universal theta divisor?

UserNicola Pagani (Liverpool).

HouseCMS MR4.

ClockWednesday 10 February 2016, 14:15-15:15

The LMMP for log canonical 3-folds in char p

UserJoe Waldron (Cambridge).

HouseCMS MR4.

ClockWednesday 03 February 2016, 14:15-15:15

Behavior of canonical divisors under purely inseparable base change

UserHiromu Tanaka (Imperial College).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 27 January 2016, 14:15-15:15

Algebraic structures, Chern numbers and Minimal Model Program

UserLuca Tasin (Bonn).

HouseCMS MR4.

ClockWednesday 20 January 2016, 14:15-15:15

Moduli of Gorenstein Q-homology fake projective planes

UserMatthias Schuett (Leibniz University).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 02 December 2015, 14:15-15:15

Cohomology jump loci"

UserNero Budur (KU Leuven).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 25 November 2015, 14:15-15:15

Adjoint dimension of foliations

UserRoberto Svaldi (Cambridge).

HouseCMS MR4.

ClockMonday 23 November 2015, 15:00-16:00

Rational points on log Fano threefolds over a finite field

UserYoshinori Gongyo (Tokyo).

HouseCMS MR4.

ClockMonday 23 November 2015, 13:30-14:30

Geometry and large N limits in Quantum Hall effect.

UserSemyon Klevtsov (Cologne).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 18 November 2015, 14:15-15:15

A geometric characterization of toric varieties

UserRoberto Svaldi (Cambridge).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 11 November 2015, 14:15-15:15

Degenerations of cubic threefolds

UserKlaus Hulek (Leibniz).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 04 November 2015, 14:15-15:15

Mori fibre spaces for $3$-folds in positive characteristic

UserJoe Waldron (Cambridge).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 28 October 2015, 14:15-15:15

Non-reductive automorphism groups, the Loewy filtration and K-stability

UserGiulio Codogni (Rome Tre).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 21 October 2015, 14:15-15:15

Exceptional collections, and the Neron-Severi lattice for surfaces

UserCharles Vial (Cambridge).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 14 October 2015, 14:15-15:15

The hybrid Landau--Ginzburg models of Calabi--Yau complete intersections

UserAlessandro Chiodo, Jussieu.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 03 June 2015, 14:15-15:15

Mirror Symmetry for Grassmannians.

UserKonstanze Rietsch, King's College, London.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 27 May 2015, 14:15-15:15

Symplectic cohomology in the topological limit

UserDaniel Pomerleano.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 20 May 2015, 14:15-15:15

Smoothing properties of the Kaehler-Ricci flow

UserEleonora di Nezza (Imperial College).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 13 May 2015, 14:15-15:15

Triangulated surfaces in triangulated categories

UserTobias Dyckerhoff (Bonn).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 11 March 2015, 14:15-15:15

Poles of maximal order of Igusa zeta functions

UserJohannes Nicaise, University of Leuven.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 04 March 2015, 14:15-15:15

Free curves on varieties

UserFrank Gounelas (Humboldt University of Berlin) .

HouseCMS MR5.

ClockMonday 23 February 2015, 15:00-16:00

Genus 0 correspondence theorem for relative Gromov-Witten invariants of P^1

UserHannah Markwig, University of Saarbrucken.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 18 February 2015, 14:15-15:15

The Sarkisov program for Mori fibered lc Calabi--Yau pairs.

UserAnne-Sophie Kaloghiros (Brunel).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 11 February 2015, 14:15-15:15

Decomposition of D-module categories and modified Hyper-Kahler Kirwan surjectivity

UserKevin McGerty (Oxford).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 04 February 2015, 14:15-15:15

Homological projective duality

UserRichard Thomas (Imperial College).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 28 January 2015, 14:15-15:15

Mirror symmetry without localisation

UserChristina Manolache, (Imperial College).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 21 January 2015, 14:15-15:15

Versions of injectivity and extension theorems

UserYoshinori Gongyo (Imperial College/Tokyo).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 03 December 2014, 14:15-15:15

Canonical Coordinates from Tropical Curves

UserHelge Ruddat, University of Mainz.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 26 November 2014, 14:15-15:15

KLT spaces with vanishing first Chern class, local fundamental groups, and flat sheaves

UserStefan Kebekus (Freiburg).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 19 November 2014, 14:15-15:15

Stability conditions from a large class of quadratic differentials

UserFabian Haiden, University of Vienna.

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 12 November 2014, 14:15-15:15

Compact moduli spaces of Fano varieties and existence of singular Kahler-Einstein metrics

UserCristiano Spotti (Cambridge).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 05 November 2014, 14:15-15:15

Contractibility of spaces of stability conditions

UserJonathan Woolf (Liverpool).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 29 October 2014, 14:15-15:15

Pluricanonical linear systems on varieties

UserCaucher Birkar (Cambridge).

HouseCMS MR13.

ClockWednesday 22 October 2014, 14:15-15:15

Equivalences of Mirror Constructions

UserTyler Kelly, DPMMS, Cambridge.

HouseMR 3, CMS.

ClockWednesday 15 October 2014, 14:15-15:15

Uniformly rational varieties

UserIlya Karzhemanov (New York).

HouseMR 3, CMS.

ClockWednesday 11 June 2014, 16:30-17:30

Bounded groups of birational automorphisms

UserCostya Shramov (Steklov).

HouseMR 3, CMS.

ClockWednesday 11 June 2014, 15:00-16:00

Metrics with conic singularities and applications

UserMihai Paun (KIAS).

HouseMR 3, CMS.

ClockWednesday 11 June 2014, 13:30-14:30

A canonical global positioning system for Calabi Yau manifolds

UserSean Keel (University of Texas Austin).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 04 June 2014, 14:15-15:15

Derived categories, noncommutative motives and commutative theorems

UserMarcello Bernardara (Toulouse).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 28 May 2014, 14:15-15:15

On the Chow group and the motive of a commutative algebraic group

UserGiuseppe Ancona (Duisburg-Essen).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 21 May 2014, 14:15-15:15

Morita Cohomology, Loop Spaces and Homotopy Locally Constant Sheaves

UserJulian Holstein.

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 14 May 2014, 14:15-15:15

Stability data, irregular connections and tropical curves

UserJacopo Stoppa (Pavia).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 07 May 2014, 14:15-15:15

On the Chow group and the motive of a commutative algebraic group

UserSpeaker to be confirmed.

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockTuesday 06 May 2014, 14:15-15:15

Moduli spaces of slope-semistable coherent sheaves.

UserMatei Toma (Nancy).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 30 April 2014, 14:15-15:15

Newton Okounkov Bodies and Positivity of Line Bundles

UserVictor Lozovanu (University of Milan-Bicocca).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 23 April 2014, 14:15-15:15

The extended Whittaker category

UserDario Beraldo (Oxford).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 12 March 2014, 14:15-15:15

Effectivity questions in the Cremona group

UserNick Shepherd-Barron (Kings).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 05 March 2014, 14:15-15:15

Cylinders in Fano varieties

UserIvan Cheltsov (Edinburgh).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 26 February 2014, 14:15-15:15

Valuative characterization of multiplier ideals

UserSebastien Boucksom (Jussieu).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 19 February 2014, 14:15-15:15

Local mirror symmetry via the Gross-Siebert program

UserMark Gross (Cambridge).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 12 February 2014, 14:15-15:15

Special Kahler metrics on ruled manifolds

UserJulien Keller (Marseilles).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 05 February 2014, 14:15-15:15

Functions on Newton-Okounkov bodies

UserAlex Kuronya (Budapest).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 29 January 2014, 14:15-15:15

Double EPW-sextics

UserKieran O'Grady.

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 22 January 2014, 14:15-15:15

Exponential maps in Kahler geometry

UserDavid Witt Nystrom (University of Cambridge).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 04 December 2013, 14:15-15:15

Quantum cluster positivity and cohomological Donaldson-Thomas theory

UserBalazs Szendroi.

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 27 November 2013, 14:15-15:15

Analytic geometry as relative algebraic geometry

UserYakov Kremnitzer (Oxford).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 20 November 2013, 14:15-15:15

COW: Quasimap theory and Gromov-Witten theory

UserIonut Ciocan-Fontanine (Minnesota/Imperial).

HouseMR 4.

ClockThursday 14 November 2013, 17:00-18:00

COW: Derived equivalences of K3 surfaces

UserArend Bayer (Edinburgh).

HouseMR 4.

ClockThursday 14 November 2013, 15:30-16:00

COW: The integral Hodge conjecture for 3-folds

UserBurt Totaro (Cambridge).

HouseMR 4.

ClockThursday 14 November 2013, 14:00-15:00

The Slice Method for torsors of algebraic groups

UserMark MacDonald (Lancaster).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 13 November 2013, 14:15-15:15

Fourier transform on certain hyperkahler fourfolds

UserMingmin Shen (Cambridge).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 06 November 2013, 14:15-15:15

The homology of Hilbert schemes of a locally planar curve

UserJorgen Vold Rennemo (Imperial College).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 23 October 2013, 14:15-15:15

Fano manifolds of high index and the cone conjecture

UserArtie Prendergast-Smith (Loughborough).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 16 October 2013, 14:15-15:15

Noncommutative deformations of curves and spherical twists

UserMichael Wemyss (Edinburgh).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 29 May 2013, 14:15-15:15

Title: Volume minimizers and (pseudo-)holomorphic cycles

UserClaudio Arezzo (ICTP).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 15 May 2013, 14:15-15:15

Characterization of theta divisors

UserZhi Jiang (Paris Sud).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 08 May 2013, 14:15-15:15

Birational geometry of moduli of sheaves on K3s via wall-crossing

UserArend Bayer (Edinburgh).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 24 April 2013, 14:15-15:15

Landau-Ginzburg models for Lagrangian Grassmannians

UserClelia Pech.

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 13 March 2013, 14:15-15:15

Kähler-Einstein potential on simple polytope

UserÉveline Legendre (Toulouse).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 06 March 2013, 14:15-15:15

Spherical DG-functors

UserTimothy Logvinenko (Warwick).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 27 February 2013, 14:15-15:15

Modular Forms for Genus Three

UserGerard van der Geer (Amsterdam).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 20 February 2013, 14:15-15:15

Density of rational points on Del Pezzo surfaces of degree one

UserRonald van Luijk (Leiden).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 13 February 2013, 14:15-15:15

Index of varieties over Henselian fields

UserHélène Esnault (Berlin).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 06 February 2013, 14:15-15:15

Satake compactifications and the Schottky problem

UserGiulio Codogni (Cambridge).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 30 January 2013, 14:15-15:15

Group actions on schemes and homotopy types

UserAmbrus Pál (Imperial College).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 23 January 2013, 14:15-15:15

On Siu's Approach to Abundance Conjecture

UserThomas Eckl (Liverpool).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 16 January 2013, 14:15-15:15

On varieties of globally F-regular type

UserYoshinori Gongyo (Imperial college and Tokyo).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 28 November 2012, 14:15-15:15

Curve counting on surfaces

UserMartijn Kool (Imperial College).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 21 November 2012, 14:15-15:15

On the Chow group of zero-cycles on K3 surfaces

UserClaire Voisin (Ecole polytechnique).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 14 November 2012, 14:15-15:15

On the moduli part in the canonical bundle formula

UserEnrica Floris (Strasbourg).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 07 November 2012, 14:15-15:15

Valuation Theory and Extensions of Pluri-canonical Sections

UserZhengyu Hu (Cambridge).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 31 October 2012, 14:15-15:15

Algebraic cycles and fibrations

UserCharles Vial (Cambridge).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 24 October 2012, 14:15-15:15

Anticanonical divisors and curve classes on Fano manifolds

UserAndreas Hoering (Jussieu).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 17 October 2012, 14:15-15:15

Ample subschemes

UserJohn Christian Ottem (Cambridge).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 10 October 2012, 14:15-15:15

Kahlerian K3 surfaces and Niemeier lattices

UserViacheslav Nikulin (Liverpool).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 03 October 2012, 14:15-15:15

A conjecture of Colliot-Thelene in the case of the exceptional groups

UserIvan Panin (St Petersburg).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 30 May 2012, 14:15-15:15

Tropical scheme theory

UserJeffrey H. Giansiracusa (Swansea).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 23 May 2012, 14:15-15:15

Filtrations and test-configurations

UserGabor Szekelyhidi (Notre Dame).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 16 May 2012, 14:15-15:15

On the generic vanishing theorem

UserGiuseppe Pareschi (Rome II).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 09 May 2012, 14:15-15:15

Arithmetic moduli of Enriques Surfaces

UserChristian Liedtke (Bonn).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 02 May 2012, 14:15-15:15

Some geometry of cubic hypersurfaces

UserMingmin Shen (Cambridge).

HouseMR 13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 25 April 2012, 14:15-15:15

F-singularities and alterations

UserManuel Blickle (Mainz).

HouseMR4, CMS.

ClockWednesday 14 March 2012, 14:15-15:15

Slope of moduli spaces of principally polarized abelian varieties

UserRiccardo Salvati Manni (Rome).

HouseMR4, CMS.

ClockWednesday 07 March 2012, 14:15-15:15

Noncommutative toric geometry

UserAlastair Craw (Glasgow).

HouseMR4, CMS.

ClockWednesday 29 February 2012, 14:15-15:15

Rational curves on Calabi-Yau threefolds with special divisors.

UserSimone Diverio (Paris VI).

HouseMR4, CMS.

ClockWednesday 22 February 2012, 14:15-15:15

Fourier-Mukai transforms and applications

UserDaniel Hernández Ruipérez (Salamanca).

HouseMR4, CMS.

ClockWednesday 15 February 2012, 14:15-15:15

Nef line bundles over finite fields

UserAdrian Langer (Warsaw).

HouseMR4, CMS.

ClockWednesday 08 February 2012, 14:15-15:15

The absence of stable Schottky relations

UserNick Shepherd-Barron (Cambridge).

HouseMR4, CMS.

ClockWednesday 01 February 2012, 14:15-15:15

Semiregularity via derived deformation theory

UserJon Pridham (Cambridge).

HouseMR4, CMS.

ClockWednesday 25 January 2012, 14:15-15:15

Towards mirror symmetry for varieties of general type

UserHelge Ruddat (Mainz).

HouseMR4, CMS.

ClockWednesday 18 January 2012, 14:15-15:15

Okounkov bodies, moment maps and geodesics of Kahler metrics

UserJulius Ross (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 30 November 2011, 14:15-15:15

A tropical approach to effective cones

UserDiane Maclagan (Warwick).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 23 November 2011, 14:15-15:15

Profinite completions, curvature, and decision problems

UserMartin Bridson (Oxford).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 16 November 2011, 14:15-15:15

Symmetric differentials and the fundamental group

UserBruno Klingler (Paris).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockMonday 14 November 2011, 15:00-16:00

Koszul complexes and pole order filtrations for projective hypersurfaces

UserAlex Dimca (Nice).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 09 November 2011, 14:15-15:15

The homotopy fixed point theorem in algebraic K-theory

UserMarco Schlichting (Warwick).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 02 November 2011, 14:15-15:15

Kahler orbifolds with positive curvature

UserSong Sun (Imperial).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 26 October 2011, 14:15-15:15

Curves on surfaces

UserRichard Thomas (Imperial).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 19 October 2011, 14:15-15:15

Effective log geometry

UserPaolo Cascini (Imperial).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 12 October 2011, 16:30-17:30

The Iitaka conjecture over abelian varieties

UserCaucher Birkar (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 12 October 2011, 15:00-16:00

A remark on the abundance conjecture

UserYujiro Kawamata (Tokyo).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 12 October 2011, 13:45-14:45

Singular spaces with trivial canonical class

UserDaniel Greb (Freiburg).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockMonday 10 October 2011, 15:00-16:00

Homological mirror symmetry for Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces in projective space

UserNick Sheridan (MIT).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 05 October 2011, 14:15-15:15

Bundles of generalized theta functions on abelian surfaces

UserDragos Oprea (San Diego).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 08 June 2011, 14:15-15:15

Moduli spaces of principal bundles on chains of projective lines

UserMichael Thaddeus (Columbia).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 01 June 2011, 14:15-15:15

Numerical and linear equivalence of divisors in birational geometry

UserAnne-Sophie Kaloghiros (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 25 May 2011, 14:15-15:15

Cubic surfaces with special periods

UserDomingo Toledo (Utah).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 18 May 2011, 14:15-15:15

Mysterious duality

UserAlastair King (Bath).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 11 May 2011, 14:15-15:15

Derived categories of K3 surfaces in positive characteristic

UserMax Lieblich (Washington).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 04 May 2011, 14:30-15:30

Koszul cohomology and higher rank vector bundles on curves

UserGavril Farkas (Humboldt, Berlin).

HouseIsaac Newton Institute, Cambridge.

ClockThursday 24 March 2011, 15:30-16:30

Prym varieties of triple coverings

UserAngela Ortega (Humboldt, Berlin).

HouseIsaac Newton Institute, Cambridge.

ClockThursday 24 March 2011, 14:00-15:00

On the K-stability of polarized varieties

UserYuji Odaka (Kyoto).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 16 March 2011, 14:15-15:15

Birational classification of universal Jacobians over the moduli space of curves

UserGavril Farkas (Berlin).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 09 March 2011, 14:15-15:15

Moduli of local systems on Deligne-Mumford stacks

UserCarlos Simpson (Nice).

HouseIsaac Newton Institute, Cambridge.

ClockThursday 03 March 2011, 15:30-16:30

Moduli of abelian varieties with Iwahori level structure

UserUlrich Goertz (Duisburg-Essen).

HouseIsaac Newton Institute, Cambridge.

ClockThursday 03 March 2011, 14:00-15:00

On the three compactifications of Siegel space

UserValery Alexeev (Georgia).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 02 March 2011, 14:15-15:15

Geometric Langlands and non-abelian Hodge theory

UserTony Pantev (Pennsylvania).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 23 February 2011, 14:15-15:15

Essential dimension of homogeneous forms

UserAngelo Vistoli (Pisa).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 16 February 2011, 14:15-15:15

Geometric consequences of effective algebraic homotopy

UserBrent Doran (Zurich).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 09 February 2011, 14:15-15:15

From quivers to hyperkahler manifolds: a construction of Gaiotto, Moore, and Neitzke

UserTom Bridgeland (Oxford).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 02 February 2011, 14:15-15:15

Irreducible rational curves in a K3 surface

UserJun Li (Stanford).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 26 January 2011, 14:15-15:15

Refined curve counting on surfaces

UserLothar Goettsche (ICTP, Trieste).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 19 January 2011, 14:15-15:15

Rational equivariant cohomology theories, Hasse squares, and rigidity of derived categories

UserJohn Greenlees (Sheffield).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 24 November 2010, 14:15-15:15

Witt groups vs KO-groups

UserMarcus Zibrowius (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 17 November 2010, 14:15-15:15

Motivic degree zero Donaldson-Thomas invariants

UserKai Behrend (UBC).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 10 November 2010, 14:15-15:15

Complete intersections of quadrics

UserNicolas Addington (Imperial).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 03 November 2010, 14:15-15:15

Extremal Laurent polynomials and Fano manifolds

UserAlessio Corti (Imperial).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 27 October 2010, 14:15-15:15

A general framework on singularity

UserTommaso de Fernex (Utah).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 20 October 2010, 14:15-15:15

Foliations and rational curves in positive characteristic

UserMingmin Shen (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 13 October 2010, 14:15-15:15

Rational curves on varieties with big (anti)-canonical bundle

UserAmael Broustet (Lille).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 26 May 2010, 14:15-15:15

Mumford-Tate groups and the classification of Hodge structures

UserMatt Kerr (Durham).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 19 May 2010, 14:15-15:15

Torsion in the cohomology of fiber products of elliptic surfaces

UserChad Schoen (Duke).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 12 May 2010, 14:15-15:15

Resolution algorithm in characteristic zero and its possible extension to positive characteristic

Cambridge COW meeting, talk #2

UserJaroslaw Wlodarczyk (Purdue).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockThursday 06 May 2010, 16:30-17:30

Tropical (p,q)-cycles

Cambridge COW meeting, talk #1

UserGrigory Mikhalkin (Geneva).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockThursday 06 May 2010, 14:30-15:30

Rationally isotropic quadratic spaces are locally isotropic

UserIvan Panin (St Petersburg).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 05 May 2010, 14:15-15:15

Asymptotic curvature of moduli spaces for Calabi-Yau threefolds

UserP.M.H. Wilson (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 28 April 2010, 14:15-15:15

Symplectic manifolds of Fano and Calabi-Yau type

UserDmitri Panov (Imperial College).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 10 March 2010, 14:30-15:30

Remarks on the Lefschetz standard conjecture for hyperkahler varieties

UserFrancois Charles (Paris).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 03 March 2010, 14:15-15:15

Exceptional singularities

UserIvan Cheltsov (Edinburgh).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 24 February 2010, 14:15-15:15

Curves on K3 surfaces and modular forms

UserRichard Thomas (Imperial).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 17 February 2010, 14:15-15:15

Geometric invariant theory for non-reductive group actions, moment maps and jet differentials

UserFrances Kirwan (Oxford).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 10 February 2010, 14:15-15:15

Exceptional loci in A_g

UserNick Shepherd-Barron (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 03 February 2010, 14:15-15:15

Some higher-rank sheaves on Calabi-Yau 3-folds and Gromov-Witten invariants

UserJacopo Stoppa (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 27 January 2010, 14:15-15:15

On volumes along subvarieties of line bundles with nonnegative Iitaka dimension

UserGianluca Pacienza (Strasbourg).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 20 January 2010, 14:15-15:15

Weak Fano 3-folds and G_2 manifolds

UserMark Haskins (Imperial College).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 02 December 2009, 14:15-15:15

Virtual motives of Hilbert schemes of threefolds

UserBalázs Szendrői (Oxford).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 25 November 2009, 14:15-15:15

Holomorphic actions of Lattices on projective threefolds

UserSerge Cantat (Université de Rennes I).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 18 November 2009, 14:15-15:15

Witt groups of projective homogeneous varieties and Steenrod operations

UserBaptiste Calmès (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 11 November 2009, 14:15-15:15

Automorphisms of noncompact surfaces

UserStephane Lamy (Lyon).

HouseMR4, CMS.

ClockThursday 05 November 2009, 16:00-17:00

Mirror symmetry, Langlands duality, and the Hitchin system

UserTamas Hausel (Oxford).

HouseMR4, CMS.

ClockThursday 05 November 2009, 14:00-15:00

The valuation space of an isolated singularity

UserSebastien Boucksom (CNRS-Universite Paris 7).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 04 November 2009, 14:15-15:15

Jumping of the nef cone for Fano varieties

UserBurt Totaro (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 28 October 2009, 14:15-15:15

On the Castelnuovo-Mumford Regularity of Rings of Polynomial Invariants

UserPeter Symonds (Manchester).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 21 October 2009, 14:15-15:15

Extension theorems for differential forms and applications

UserStefan Kebekus (Freiburg).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 14 October 2009, 14:15-15:15

Smoothing of cusp singularities via mirror symmetry

UserMark Gross (UCSD).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 01 July 2009, 14:15-15:15

Coniveau filtrations and pure motives

UserCharles Vial (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 27 May 2009, 14:15-15:15

Chow groups and derived categories of K3 surfaces

UserDaniel Huybrechts (Bonn).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 20 May 2009, 14:15-15:15

p-adic Hodge theory for open varieties.


HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 13 May 2009, 14:15-15:15

The Zariski decomposition problem

UserCaucher Birkar (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 06 May 2009, 14:15-15:15

Mirror symmetry for P^2 and tropical geometry

UserMark Gross (UC San Diego).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 29 April 2009, 14:15-15:15

Schubert Calculus on flag varieties and formal group laws

UserBaptiste Calmès (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 25 February 2009, 14:15-15:15

Stability of orbifolds

UserJulius Ross (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 03 December 2008, 14:15-15:15

Mixed Hodge structures on homotopy groups

UserJon Pridham (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 26 November 2008, 14:15-15:15

Base manifolds for fibrations of projective holomorphic-symplectic manifolds

UserJun-Muk Hwang.

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 19 November 2008, 14:15-15:15

Hodge theory of Calabi-Yau fibrations

UserMatt Kerr (Durham).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 12 November 2008, 14:15-15:15

Algebraic surfaces and hyperbolic geometry

UserBurt Totaro (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 05 November 2008, 14:15-15:15

Ample subvarieties and a conjecture of Hartshorne

UserThomas Peternell (Bayreuth).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 29 October 2008, 14:15-15:15

Birationally rigid varieties

UserAleksandr Pukhlikov (Liverpool).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 22 October 2008, 14:15-15:15

Polygonal combinatorics for algebraic cycles

UserHerbert Gangl (Durham).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 15 October 2008, 14:15-15:15

Degree formula for connective K-theory

UserKirill Zainoulline (Munich).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockFriday 03 October 2008, 15:00-16:00

Mirror symmetry beyond Calabi-Yau

UserMaxim Kontsevich (IHES).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 28 May 2008, 17:00-18:00

Algebraic cycles on threefolds fibered over a curve by surfaces with geometric genus zero

UserVladimir Guletskii (Liverpool).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 28 May 2008, 15:00-16:00

Pulling apart G_2-manifolds

UserJohannes Nordstrom (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 21 May 2008, 17:00-18:00

Singularity development in 3-dimensional Ricci flow

UserJohn Morgan (Columbia).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 21 May 2008, 15:00-16:00

Essential dimension in algebra

UserAlexander Merkurjev (UCLA).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 14 May 2008, 15:00-16:00

Special geometric orbifolds and birational classification

UserFrederic Campana (Nancy).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 07 May 2008, 15:00-16:00

A mirror-symmetric approach to Kostant's quantum Toda lattice

UserKonstanze Riestch (KCL).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 30 April 2008, 15:00-16:00

Tropical geometry and mirror symmetry for hypersurfaces in toric varieties

UserMohammed Abouzaid (MIT).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 12 March 2008, 15:00-16:00

Exotic Stein manifolds

UserMark McLean (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 05 March 2008, 17:00-18:00

Symplectic instanton homology

UserCiprian Manolescu (Columbia).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 05 March 2008, 15:00-16:00

Slicing cobordism theory via n-categories (of d-manifolds)

UserUlrike Tillmann (Oxford).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 27 February 2008, 15:00-16:00

Ricci Yang-Mills flow

UserJeff Streets (Princeton).

HouseMR14, CMS.

ClockTuesday 26 February 2008, 15:00-16:00

Optimal transportation in geometry

UserPeter Topping (Warwick).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 20 February 2008, 15:00-16:00

Rationally connected threefolds and symplectic geometry

UserClaire Voisin (IHES).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 06 February 2008, 17:00-18:00

Shioda cycles in families of surfaces

UserJohan de Jong (Columbia).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 06 February 2008, 15:00-16:00

Symplectic topology of Mañe's critical value

UserGabriel Paternain (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 30 January 2008, 15:00-16:00

Derived categories of complex-analytic manifolds and super-connections

UserAlexey Bondal (Aberdeen).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 23 January 2008, 15:00-16:00

Floer cohomology of Lagrangian spheres in symplectic manifolds with vanishing first Chern class

UserJean-Yves Welschinger (Lyon).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 28 November 2007, 17:00-18:00

G_2 manifolds with conical singularities

UserSpiro Karigiannis (Oxford).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 28 November 2007, 15:00-16:00

Monotone Lagrangian tori in C^n and CP^n

UserFelix Schlenk (Brussels).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 21 November 2007, 15:00-16:00

Birational automorphisms, log canonical thresholds and Kahler-Einstein metrics

UserIvan Cheltsov (Edinburgh).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 14 November 2007, 15:00-16:00

Derived equivalences of K3 surfaces and orientation of cohomology

UserDaniel Huybrechts (Bonn).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 07 November 2007, 15:00-16:00

DPMMS Pure Maths Seminar

Lens space surgeries and L-space homology spheres

UserJake Rasmussen (Cambridge).

HouseMR13, CMS.

ClockWednesday 31 October 2007, 17:00-18:00

DPMMS Pure Maths Seminar

Regulators of canonical extensions

UserCarlos Simpson (Nice).


ClockWednesday 31 October 2007, 15:00-16:00

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