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Four EASY HINTS to help you get a FASTER response:

(ONE) Use the right email address

Need info about a particular Talk? Contact that particular Talk’s Organiser! Here’s how:

Simply go back to the Talk page itself, locate the following text on that page, and click the listed OrganiserName to get their email address:

If you have a question about this talk, please contact OrganiserName.

DO NOT contact the Support team for information on particular Talks, we will just repeat the same advice to you but possibly 1-2 weeks later. The Support team does not organise talks, and thus has no further information about them.

(TWO) Read the Help pages first

Many common questions are answered on the Help pages. There are also some newer questions answered here .

(THREE) Include a WEB LINK to your Talk or List if you have a query about Editing your page

To make sure we have exactly the right Talk or List, we need a link e.g. , NOT just the Title.

Any such queries without a link will be responded to with a request for a link, possibly 1-2 weeks later.

(FOUR) Requesting inclusion on the Home Page

To get your Featuring Request reviewed in a timely manner, please read and follow the guidance carefully before contacting us.

PLEASE NOTE : the Support team may take up to 1-2 weeks to respond to your message

It may take up to 1-2 weeks for us to respond – therefore it is in your best interests to make sure you have taken note of the four suggestions above before you email us.

Contacting the Support team:

Having understood the potential delays involved, and taken note of the above suggestions to speed things up, you may wish to email:

  • Remember, the Support team does not have information on specific Talks, please see suggestion (ONE) above.

Original Contact Info follows

How to get more information about a talk

Many talks are open to the general public. We do ask that those that aren’t open to the general public say so (i.e. that they say something like ‘Only open to members of the Department of Penguinology’. If you aren’t sure whether a talk is open to the general public, then ask the talk or list organiser, as they will be able to answer your question. Note that the Support team can take 1-2 weeks to answer email, and we also won’t know whether a particular talk is open to the general public, so please mail the talk organiser, not the team.

Please note: in order to see the email addresses of list and talk organisers, you will need to be logged in. If you do not have an account already, you can create one by clicking the ‘No account’ link on the left.

If you want to contact someone about a specific list, contact the list’s organisers. They are shown at the bottom of the list’s page on

If you want to contact someone about a specific talk, look at that talk’s page and contact the organiser of that talk. Failing that, contact an organiser of the series that the talk is in.

Please direct any enquiries concerning individual talks to the organisers of the appropriate talk or seminar series, rather than contacting the helpdesk. If you click on their name when looking at at talk or list, you’ll be taken to a page containing their contact details.

If you have any enquiries about a talk venue, please contact the organiser. You may also find the University Map useful – try the Index Search on that page.

How to use

If you need to know how to use, take a look at the help pages using the Help and Documentation link at the bottom of every page, or use the “Information on” links to the left of this page.

Support Services

The Support team as part of University Information Services (UIS) is providing limited helpdesk support for via email, but please read the FAQ or Documentation before contacting us. You’ll find most of your questions answered there, and you won’t have to wait for a reply.

Who should I contact?

  • Enquiries about individual talks or lists – please contact the list owner or talk organiser (see “How to get more information about a talk” above). This includes inquiries about where a talk is held, and whether it’s open to the general public.
  • Enquiries about inclusion in the Featured Talks and Featured lists page – please see How do I get my list or talk included on the Featured Lists or Featured Talks listings?
  • Bug reports – please email Support (see above)
  • Suggestions – please email Support (see above)
  • Help for users – please read the documentation and FAQ pages first. If that doesn’t help, please email Support (see above)
  • Other technical requests, user queries and feedback, and any correspondence concerning the management of the domain – please contact the Support (see above) and we will pass your enquiry on to the right person.
  • If you would like to discuss collaborating on improving this system or using it for your own institution, we would be delighted to hear from you – please email Support (see above)
  • Enquiries about the origins of – please address any correspondence to Alan Blackwell (alan.blackwell—at—

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