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WunderTrading: The Best Crypto Trading Bot

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With a strong focus on building an excellent platform for those who are interested in automating their trading efforts, WunderTrading is among the top echelon of companies offering such services. If you are looking for a cryptocurrency trading bot that can reliably execute your strategy, this particular platform will satisfy all your requirements!

Several reasons allow this brand to stay ahead of the competition and consistently deliver a great product to its clients. We will talk about why this vendor has the best crypto trading bot for beginners and why many professionals choose this platform.

Reason #1. WunderTrading offers a wide range of different bots.

It is important to have flexibility when it comes to providing automation services to members of the crypto community. The crypto market has a lot of different financial instruments and assets that may be very profitable in certain circumstances. The very existence of so many choices allows for a diversity in automation options.

Here are some of the bots that you will find on the platform:

  • DCA bots are great for people who want to either make money by following the principle of distributed cost average approach to buying and selling assets or those who want to focus on accumulating assets (you simply remove the take profit option from the equation).
  • GRID bots use the same method as DCA , but have separate take profit and stop loss markers for each open order. It is an advanced crypto trading bot for Binance and other platforms with a wide selection of highly volatile assets.
  • Arbitrage bots are a comparatively young concept that takes advantage of differences in prices on various CEX platforms. It can be also used on a single platform to capitalize on uneven exchange rates using a common exchange medium as the target asset. 

Reason #2. Automation is key to success in a contemporary financial market.

Initially used heavily by some Forex companies, automation became prevalent in the crypto market due to several reasons. The best trading bot for crypto has a multitude of distinct advantages when used in the crypto environment.

  • Robots do not require sleep or rest. Humans have physical limitations to how long they can perform to the best of their ability. Crypto markets are operational around the clock meaning that the best opportunities often present themselves when you are simply asleep.
  • Automation became affordable. Just a decade ago, only huge institutionalized investors could use automation because computational power was very expensive. Today, many retail traders can utilize the same power available to fund managers for a fraction of the price.
  • Robots never succumb to emotions. Anxiety and fear are the two most dangerous enemies of any trader. We are constantly under dramatic pressure and may give in to doubt and hesitation when any delay is detrimental to the outcome of an order. Robots never make mistakes due to stress.

Reason #3. Specialization is quite important.

While automation can be applied to any trading pattern, the compatibility of tools is a crucial factor. WunderTrading is integrated with several huge crypto exchanges including FTX , Binance, Bittrex, OKX , and more. You will be able to use the best trading robot software on an exchange that you prefer to others because it fits your requirements the most.

To connect your trading account to the WunderTrading platform, you will need to go through just a couple of steps:

  1. Register on the WunderTrading platform.
  2. When entering your dashboard, you will be prompted to connect an active account.
  3. Choose your crypto exchange from the list.
  4. Choose the type of account you want to connect (margin or spot).
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen.

You will be able to start using your new bots on the exchange of your choice immediately after connecting them to your dashboard. Note that you can have multiple exchanges connected simultaneously which is necessary for the arbitrage bot to work.

Reason #4. Speed is essential in the crypto industry.

Whether you want to long or short an asset, you need to do it quickly. Even with instant order execution, you are risking falling behind the competition if you cannot react quickly to a rapidly changing situation in the market. Robots can do it much faster than humans. The only thing you need is to specify conditions when a bot must act.

For example, an Ethereum trading bot will be most efficient when used with specialized indicators that you can find on the TradingView platform. If you have HashRibbons, RSI , and Stochastic in the same strategy, the information from them may overwhelm you, but a bot will simply act on the inputs it receives from indicators. It significantly reduces potential delays.

Reason #5. Pricing is more than affordable.

When choosing suitable crypto trading bot software, it is hugely important to focus on the price. It is especially true for small-time investors who cannot afford to spare any amount of money on inefficient instruments. The best thing about WunderTrading is that it has multiple plans that will be interesting to different types of investors. Fund managers will go for the PRO option, but beginners can start working without paying a dime!

The basic plan costs nothing and offers a free crypto trading bot product (up to five simultaneously active robots). If you are new to the industry and want to use novel instruments in your investment endeavors, you can try them for free on the WunderTrading platform. It is a great way to explore several automation tools and test them in real conditions before committing to paying for the service.


WunderTrading offers a great automation service to people who are looking into new ways to diversify their portfolios and extend their forays in the crypto industry. It is a powerful platform offering a versatile product lineup with offerings that will excite both novice retail traders and experienced professionals. If you are looking for the best crypto trading software, this particular platform should be on your radar!

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