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I don’t know where the venue is, who should I contact?

You may find the University Map helpful – try the Index Search. If you have any queries about the venue, please contact the organiser listed on the talk page (you will need to be logged in to see their email address).

Who can advertise talks on

Members of Cambridge University affiliated research institutions (e.g. The EBI , Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, MRC -LMB, and BAS ), and local learned societies and educational organizations are all very welcome to use to advertise their seminars and meetings.

What about putting humour or parodies into

Please don’t spoil by putting any false information into it. If you want to practice using, you may put practice events into your own personal listing. While we have a hearty sense of humour, we will take seriously any abuse of Yes, we created the Penguin seminar series, but that was for purposes of documentation. Sorry: no humour, no parodies. Just academic talks, journal clubs, and public lectures.

Can I edit the documentation?

Sorry, no. But please do contact us with any suggestions or comments, we welcome your feedback.


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