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Who We Are is a project hosted at University Information Services (UIS), who provide hosting, development and helpdesk services for

For over seven years it was previously hosted, developed and supported by CARET , which was the Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies.

It was originally a joint project of Cambridge University Research Exchange, the Inference Group, The Department of Physics Cavendish CTA and Crucible. was created by Alan Blackwell (Computer Laboratory), Phil Cowans (Department of Physics), Tom Counsell (Department of Engineering), David MacKay (Department of Physics), Mike Rose (Department of Physics) and Duncan Simpson (Cambridge University Research Exchange).

Version 1 of, which was live from February 2005 to 14th April 2006, was written in PHP by Phil Cowans.

Version 2 of, which went live on 14th April 2006, is written in Ruby by Tom Counsell.

The development of has been financially supported by

We are grateful for the generous encouragement the project has received over the years from (what was) the University Computing Service, Management Information Services, and other University bodies. Please direct any enquiries, suggestions, or requests for support to the managers and helpdesk.

Please also note that we are not directly responsible for the organisation of the talks themselves. Please direct any enquiries concerning individual talks to the organisers of the appropriate seminar series.

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