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How To Receive Email Notifications

Log in to On the left hand side are the “Lists that you manage”, one of which is called “YOUR list” – for example, if your name is Joey Penguin, then there is a list called “Joey Penguin’s list”. This list is the key to your wonderful email notification service.

For any talk that’s in YOUR list, you will receive timely reminders. If there are several talks in one day, will send you just one email, listing all that day’s talks.

So, how do you put talks into your list? Easy: either
  • find a list that you like in, and select the link “Add/Remove from your list(s)”. Then you can add that list to your list. You’ll get notified about every talk in that list. or
  • if you just want a particular talk, not the whole list, go to that talk’s page in, and select “Add/Remove from your list(s)”. or
  • when you’ve found a list, select the link ‘Send you email reminders’. This will send email reminders about that list. That’s all there is to it.

What if a talk is not in Please do not create any new talks in unless you are the seminar organiser of those talks. If you think a listing or talk is missing from, please contact the seminar organisers and ask THEM to add the content to

Hint: since lists are allowed to contain other lists, you may be able to get a whole bunch of talks you are interested in simply by adding one of the top-level lists, such as “Major public lectures” or “Neuroscience seminars”


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