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This page last updated: 31 May 2016

On our homepage there is a showcase of selected Lists and upcoming Talks that are intended to be of relatively wide appeal, and open to the general public. These Featured Talks and Featured Lists are managed by the Editorial Team, and we welcome suggestions for new content to feature – read on to find out how:

Please note: inclusion in the Featured sections is at the discretion of the Editorial Team. As a bare minimum, the editorial team will only consider your Talk or List for inclusion in the Featured sections if it meets certain minimum criteria, given at the bottom of this page; (some of these are to help maintain editorial standards on the website).

In order to gain maximum publicity for your Talk or List, you can help yourself and the Editorial Team respond more quickly to your request as follows:

  • Please include a link to the Talk or List so we can be sure we’ve got the right list or talk to feature!
  • Make sure you’ve met the applicable minimum criteria (listed further below) as best you can
  • Allow plenty of time for the featuring process:
    • The editorial team is currently short-staffed, their initial response may take at least a week (please allow for more than this if possible!)
    • Bear in mind that they may then request that you first make some minor edits to your content, so allow extra time for this email dialogue
    • Don’t forget that once your Talk or List has been included, you’ll want it to appear there for at least a few days before the event starts! So for instance, if you want a week’s publicity, then we recommend that you email us at least 2-3 weeks in advance of the start date.

NB the Featured Talks section on the homepage shows all upcoming Featured Talks including the Title and Speaker for each, whereas the Featured Lists section shows a small selection of Lists randomly chosen (different upon each visit) from the full set of Featured Lists, and only the Title for each.

Having read and understood all the applicable advice on this page (above and below), if you’d like your Talk or List including, then please mail .

Minimum Criteria for Featured Talks:

  • The Talk itself:
    • Must have an Image (e.g. logo, photo of speaker)
    • Must have an Abstract
    • Must be open to the general public (this should be clear from the Abstract)
    • Should be of interest to a fairly wide audience (i.e. a specialised research seminar is unlikely to be appropriate)
  • The Parent Series is the List linked to in “This talk is part of the .. series”
  • The Parent Series:
    • Must have an Image – it is this logo that will appear on the homepage
    • Must have an Abstract (e.g. not “Description to be confirmed”!)
    • Should not be a personal list (i.e. not “Your personal list”, “Bob’s list” or “abcd2’s list”)
      • e.g. if your talk is part of a series of talks, this List should be for that series
      • otherwise an appropriately named list would be a list for your research group, society, department, college or organisation etc. – but please check that there is not already an existing list for it before creating a new one

Minimum Criteria for Featured Lists:

  • The List itself:
    • Must have an Image (e.g. logo)
    • Must have a Description
  • All Talks on the List:
    • Must be open to the general public (this should be clear from the List Description, and ideally in the Abstract for each Talk too)
    • Should be of interest to a fairly wide audience (so a list of specialist seminars is unlikely to be appropriate for inclusion in the Featured Lists list)

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