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What About One Day Meetings

If you would like to advertise a one-day meeting in, we suggest you make a list especially for your one-day meeting. (Like this one

Put in the individual talks, one at a time, in the normal way.

Then you can add that list to any other lists you think should receive notification of that one-day meeting. (Or if you don’t manage those other lists, ask their managers to do that.)

When you are publicising your one-day meeting, you may find the special ‘one-day meeting’ style looks good; see for an example. You can obtain this style by going to Further Detail → Create Custom View. One of the styles available is ‘one day meeting’. A URL for the styled listing is displayed at the bottom of the page.

A registration system for one-day workshops is available (link: This makes it easy to keep track of who is attending, collect an email list, generate name-badges, track the need for e.g. transportation or vegetarian meals, and collect background information on attendees e.g. Department/ Institute, whether they are students, postdocs or faculty. This is not a service, and for support you should contact

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