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Track new and updated talks

You can keep track of talks as they are added and updated, by subscribing to the RSS feed for a list that you are interested in: on the list page, simply click “Further Detail”, followed by “Subscribe to RSS feed” (under “Other views and ways to subscribe”).

IMPORTANT NOTE : the order in which the talks appear in your RSS reader will probably reflect when the talks were added or updated on the website – NOT the order in which the talks themselves are scheduled to occur. (More technical info below). Thus the RSS feed is more like a ”news from your list” feed, rather than a calendar feed. You may wish to subscribe using an electronic calendar or by email instead.

There are a variety of ways to subscribe to RSS feeds – your existing web browser or email software may already have this capability; there are also web-based feed readers like Google Reader. You may find this list of feed readers useful.

If you are more technically minded and are interested in a similar feed that has more information, you may be interested in our XML feeds instead.

Technical Info

The rss feed uses version two of the specification and should validate. Each talk gets a separate item. The item fields contain the following information:
title Contains the date, time and title of the talk
details Contains all other details, including the abstract. Will contain html
pubDate Contains the time the talk was last updated, NOT the start time

In addition the RSS feed implements the Microsoft List Extension and the Event Module.

The Microsoft List extension is used to order the talks as a List according to their start time.

The Event Module is used to provide the startdate, enddate, location and organiser for each talk.

See also technical specification of all feeds.


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