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Introduction For Web Maintainers

Do you maintain one or more webpages that list upcoming talks, seminars, or journal clubs? Then is for you. allows the content of seminar series to be maintained by seminar-series organizers in a single convenient location. This content can then be automatically served up to webpages (“syndicated”) in a wide variety of formats and combinations. It is easy to combine multiple seminar series into a single “list” so that you can create up-to-date pages containing “penguin seminars”, “kiwi journal club”, “ostrich colloquia”, and “flightless birds talks” (which is the union of the preceding three lists).

Our system makes life easy and secure for the web-maintainer. Once the web-maintainer has inserted the appropriate html fragment into each web-page where content from should be inserted, no-one ever needs to touch the web-pages again. Great for security! When a new person becomes the manager of a seminar series, all they need is a account in order to keep the seminar series webpage (on your webserver) up to date.

  1. serves up webpages that contain talk details such as abstracts, so you don’t need to deal with them on your website.
  2. content can be delivered in a CSS -friendly way so that you can make pages that conform to your department’s style and appearance.
  3. will also handle the task of sending email announcements of talks to people who want to receive emails.
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