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Introduction For Seminar Series Organizers

Do you organize talks or seminars in Cambridge? Do you maintain a webpage that lists upcoming talks, seminars, or journal clubs? Then is for you.

At, you can create your own lists; you, the other managers of your series, and the speakers themselves can enter the content into the list database at; and automatically serves up live, up-to-date content into your webpages – not only your webpages, but into lots of other people’s webpages too, because your list content will now be automatically advertised to everyone who is interested. integrates seamlessly into your existing websites. If you would like to have a lecture series website created for you by, we can do that too. No need to maintain web-pages any more!

If this isn’t enough to convince you that you should switch over your seminar list management to, here are some additional features:

  1. will automate the task of communicating with the speaker, asking for his/her title and abstract, and ensuring that all websites are immediately updated when that information is provided. (Please do note that this works by creating a account for the speaker. This also means that the speaker’s email address is available to anyone who has a account, so you may want to ask the speaker about this first.)
  2. provides personalized browsing and searching of the University-wide database.
  3. will also handle the task of sending email announcements of talks to people who want to receive emails. You won’t need to maintain email lists any more! – Just get everyone who would like to be on the email list to get a account, and will send the appropriate emails for you.
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