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Introduction For Heads Of Department

Would you like to see your department’s website enhanced and kept up to date at no cost?

Would you like your department’s website to have a single page on which visitors and department members alike could find “all research seminars happening in this department this week”?

Would you like to increase your department’s cross-disciplinary interactions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we respectfully suggest you should get everyone in your department onto If all your seminar-organizers use, then your department’s web-master can easily create beautiful webpages like this one for the Cavendish laboratory listing all the forthcoming seminars. The content of this page is generated live by and kept up to date automatically. Talks listed at are visible to everyone in the university, increasing the opportunities for serendipitous cross-disciplinary interactions.

Your next steps:
  1. Ask all your seminar-organizers to get accounts and use to list their seminar series. Your seminar organizers will probably find that makes their life easier! (Send them to this page.)
  2. Ask your department website maintainer to incorporate appropriate seminar listings into the department website. (Send them to this page.)
  3. Encourage everyone in your department to get accounts – that way, they can personalise, make their own webpages, and receive automatic email notifications about exactly the talks they are interested in.
  4. Encourage all newly-arriving graduate students, visitors, and staff to get accounts, so that they get plugged in to interesting talks straight away.

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