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I Want To Change My Account

Question I use the “Other Users” link to login, and I’m having problems logging in.

Answer Make sure that you include your whole email address (including the part after the @ symbol) exactly as you entered it when you registered for an account. If you got an automated email inviting you to use a account, copy and paste the address from that email.

Question I would like to start using Raven now; but when I first opened my account, I used another email address, one that does not include my CRSID . How can I get to know my CRSID ?


  1. Don’t try to log in to with Raven until you have followed these instructions.
  2. Log in using your non-Raven login. (If you have lost your password, go to the non-Raven login and request a password for your old email address)
  3. Use the non-raven login
  4. Under “Edit your details”, Change your email to
  5. You can now log in with Raven.
  6. If you would like your emails to be sent to a different address, you can change your email address again; your Raven login will still work.

Question Unfortunately I’ve already logged in using Raven, and now it won’t let me change the email address on my old account

Answer Email with your crsid and the old email address and they will sort it out.

To change your password, there’s a handy link on the left-hand side, visible after you log in, where you can change your password.

Edit your details allows you to change the email address where you get email, change how your name’s displayed, change your institution if you move, or you can upload a picture there.

Multiple email addresses or multiple accounts We can only convert a non-Raven account into a Raven account. We can’t merge multiple accounts. Similarly, doesn’t cope well with multiple email addresses – while you can change the email address associated with your account, you can’t associate more than one email address with an account. Sorry. We’d like to change this if we’re able.

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