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Getting Your Talk Or List Included In Another List

Question I’ve seen an interesting list, how can I have my talks included in it?

Answer Everything you see on is put there by users like you. Every list is created and kept up to date by someone who has an interest in it. Most list maintainers are individuals with an interest in a particular area, using their list to collect together talks and lists other people have put on The next biggest groups of list maintainers are organisers of lecture series, and departmental administrators.

If you want your talk or list to be included in someone else’s list, you should contact them directly. You can find their contact details on the relevant talk or list page. You must be logged in to see list maintainers’ contact details.

The administrators maintain two lists of their own – Featured Lists and Featured Talks.’s home page displays a changing selection from Featured Fists, and upcoming talks from Featured Talks. If you want your talks or lists to be included in these lists, please see the Featured Talks and Lists page.


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