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At present (July 2010), there is no permanent editor reviewing or ‘cleaning up’ the content of Some members of the original development team carry out a small amount of editorial work on a voluntary basis. For several years, David Mackay did the bulk of this work. Alan Blackwell has recently assumed responsibility. We would very much appreciate offers of assistance from those who take a broader interest in the value of the content.

Here is David’s advice on the process he developed:

I used to do systematic cleanup every 2 weeks or so by looking at the “new” lists of all talks and lists, and checking for the typos and errors there.

I also look for inactive lists that have not been used for 12 months; and for duplicate lists where people have created a new one and should not have done so.

By looking at you can catch errors, eg “Type the title of a new list here” is the most common list title in Cambridge. I either “hide” or “delete” such lists.

Cleanup is obviously needed, otherwise becomes littered with errors and with outdated and thus useless “serendipity” connections in the right hand column.

Other good acts:

  1. look for lists that have been included in “super-lists” and have no sub-lists. For example, there is a “Judge Institute” list which contains almost no other lists at all.
  2. get on the phone or email to all the organizers and teach them how to use their lists better.
  3. I also send messages to people encouraging them to use logos, with the incentive being that that way their list is eligible to get on the front page of

Examples of the sort of email I used to send to several people every 14 days is here:

Dear Patricia and Anna

thank you for using

you seem to be both maintaining lists with identical events.

BRC Seminar Series


BRC Seminar programme

We’d prefer to have just one series on for any one real life series! A series (called a “list”) should be managed by all the managers of that series :-)

Please could you sort this out, by perhaps deleting one of these lists?

let me know if you’d like advice on how best to use’s features.


David founder and fixer.

Dear Simon

thank you for using

I’ve noticed you have a List called Jorge Cham, PHD Comics and a talk called The Power of Procrastination

I’d like to suggest that you rename the List with a name more descriptive of the overall series of talks in which this talk is situated - for example “Graduate Union popular talks” or some such.

A List created solely for a single talk will not achieve very good publicity. In contrast, a List with some longevity lends itself to publicity – for example, I put Bjorn Lomborg’s book signing on the front page of

Hope this helps

All the best

David founder and fixer

Dear Hamish

I see you are the owner of a “Gates” list on

There is another list with the identical name


It would be highly desirable for to only have ONE list with a given name. Please could you talk to the owners of the other list, sort out shared ownership of a single list, and delete or hide your new list?

If they have all left cambridge and not handed over ownership then let me know and I can make you an owner.

Thanks for using



Dear Geoffrey,

thank you for using to advertise The South Arabian Origin of Ethiosemitic.

To make the front page of look even more beautiful, can I encourage you to add a logo to your list?

If your list doesn’t have any logo, no worries, but if there is one (perhaps a department logo?) then that would make this week’s front page look nice.

yours David founder


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