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Adding Another List Organiser

If you want to add someone to help you manage your list, or to hand over a list to a colleague because you’re on sabbatical or leaving, then:

  • Under the heading Lists that you manage on the left-hand side of your window, click on the name of the list to which you’d like to add a new manager.
  • Under the list title, there’s an option ‘Edit list’. Click on this link.
  • One of the available options is ‘Add or remove a manager of this list’. Click on this link, and add the email address of the new manager. (Note that if they’re a Raven user, you should use their @cam email address.) Just add their email address – will automatically add their name in square brackets afterwards.

If you would like to become a manager of an existing list, please contact one of the managers of that list, and ask them to make you a manager too; if you cannot contact any of the managers, please contact the administrators explaining the situation.


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