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This page allows you to create your own customised view of the list. You may want to read Instructions on creating a custom view of a list.

You must have javascript enabled for this page to work.

Before using this facility to embed a feed in your own page, please read these warnings about the security of embedding feeds in your site.

Finally, there is a specification that contains a little more detail about what to expect from this system.

1. Do you want to limit what talks get shown?

Tick each that you wish to apply.

Show a maximum of talks.
Only show talks with a start time between and .
Only show the previous and the next of talks.
Only show this term's talks.


2. How would you like it to look?

Default look
Compatible with old talks listing
Laid out as a table
Minimalist look
All the details about every talk
Basic details with series logos next to each talk
For one day meetings: no venue or dates
Printable bulletin style (e.g. for cutting and pasting into Word)
As plain text (e.g. for cutting and pasting into email)


3. How would you like it to be wrapped?

In a webpage, with the default look
In a webpage, with a minimal header and footer
For embedding in your web page (you provide the css)
For embedding in your web page (we provide the css)
With nothing (handy for xml, rss, ical etc)


4. Access your custom layout


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