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Everything seemed to be going well until David and my brother appeared in the doorway.

“What the fuck is going on in here?” Carl nearly screamed upon seeing his friends using me.

“Just having some fun with your brother,” Jake said without turning around as he pulled my mouth back onto him. “I’m starting to think he’s not such a bad guy.”

“Seems like he doesn’t mind,” David said as he moved closer groping his crotch. He was the same height as Barry with a more toned body. His dark brown hair was on the long side but piled on his head in wide curls. He had olive skin and beautiful hazel eyes that seemed to bore into your soul. He took up position next to Mike and lowered his basketball shorts displaying another uncut cock. Unlike Barry’s, it didn’t have an unwashed flavor and tasted simply like dick. After I brought him to hardness, I saw his cock was thinner than everyone else’s but longer than Barry’s.

I felt Roger pull out and turned to ask why but saw Barry taking his place. Focused on David, I hadn’t noticed the redhead move behind me. As his thicker cock renewed the stretch in my ass, Mike reasserted control over my mouth.

“This is so wrong,” I heard Carl say from his spot near the door.

“Your jeans tell another story,” Roger said as he stood beside me stroking himself.

I cut my eyes back over and saw that Carl did indeed have an erection. For the first time I realized how cute he was. Like me, he had a diminutive stature. We shared the same brown eyes and spikey brown hair, though his was slightly longer than mine. On our oval faces, my baby fat had mostly melted away exposing more of my squared bone structure while his was still concealed. The one thing that kept us from looking like twins was that he was hairier than I was, already having a full beard on his face. In this moment, he was not my brother but another cute, horny eighteen year old.

“Looks like Calvin won’t mind helping you out, Carl,” Jake said nastily. “Look at him. The sick fuck’s eyeing you.”

“Shut up,” Carl said weakly, seeing the truth in Jake’s words.

Roger walked over to Carl, grabbed his shoulder and pulled him into the group. “I think Jake’s right.”

With my brother standing next to me I looked up into his eyes as I continued to suck Mike. I saw the mix of arousal and fear in his eyes and made a decision. Though I knew it was wrong, I reached over and opened his jeans. As I lowered them and his boxers, I heard the other guys mutter and express their surprise at what I was doing while Barry slowed his movements in my ass. Seeing Carl’s hard dick for the first time, I stared at it for a moment gathering my courage. There was also a bit of jealousy upon seeing that he was slightly longer and wider than my own circumcised seven inches. When I wrapped my hand around it, everyone stopped what they were doing and a pregnant silence took hold in the room. In what felt like slow motion, I removed my mouth from Mike and placed it around my brother’s dick.

“Oh, shit,” Barry said with a gasp. His cock began to pulse and a warmth spread through me as he orgasmed. “He’s fucking sucking his brother’s dick.”

“I didn’t think he’d actually do it,” Roger said.

“That’s some nasty fucking shit,” Jake said, though he resumed stroking himself. “Only a true cocksucker would do his own brother.”

As I found a good rhythm on Carl, Barry pulled his softening dick out of me and Jake took his place. Jake’s mushroom head punched into me with all the subtlety of an eighteen wheeler and he immediately set up a quick pace dicking me. Despite having been opened up by Roger and lubed with Barry’s load, my hole protested his assault.

“Damn,” he said around a moan. “You got a nice ass, Calvin. I might have to come back for more of this.

I rolled my eyes again at his words. Despite not being down with “gay shit,” he seemed to enjoy me sucking him off then taking sloppy seconds from my ass. I grudgingly admitted to myself that I wouldn’t mind being on Jake’s dick again if he offered it, despite my near loathing for him.

With everyone moving beyond me sucking off Carl, my mouth resumed moving between him, Roger, David, and Mike. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Barry watching the scene and playing with his dick sitting in the computer chair I had vacated

I was not surprised, and almost thankful, when Jake came quickly inside me. Despite Mike urging him out of the way, Jake took his time fucking me through his afterglow, relinquishing his position only after his dick softened to the point where it fell out of me. He then redressed and left the room. Minutes later we heard the distant sound of the front door closing.

As Mike slid into me, Barry moved back in front of me and offered his thick cock to me again after I pulled off David. The guys, my brother included, gave each other horny words of encouragement while they made their rounds in me. They urged each other to fuck my mouth, gag me on cock, pound my ass, anything they felt in the moment. If a cock wasn’t in my mouth or ass, it was in one of my hands and I was loving it.

“I want a go at his ass,” Carl said. He stood and moved to stand next to Roger.

“Seriously?” Roger said as he stopped thrusting into my ass.

Hearing Roger’s tone and the sudden silence in the room, I was reminded how novel and awkward this situation was.

“Fuck, yeah,” my brother responded without hesitation. “If he’s okay with sucking my dick, no reason not to fuck his ass, too.”

I felt Roger drag his lengthy cock out of me and a second pass before a smaller set of hands grabbed my hips. Disbelieving myself that this was happening, I pulled off Barry’s dick and turned my head to watch my brother. He met my eyes unwaveringly as he lined himself up and pushed into me. Though my hole was still rebounding from Roger’s dick and I barely felt Carl enter me, simply knowing he was pushing into me made me moan

“Fuck, that’s nasty,” Mike said as he absently stroked himself. “I can’t believe you’re fucking your brother’s ass.”

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