23 Nov 15:15 Philip Ginsbach, University of Edinburgh Automatic Identification and Parallelisation of General Reduction Operations SS03
28 Nov 15:00 Prof Philip Leong, University of Sydney FPGA Implementations of High-bandwidth and Low-Latency Machine Learning based on Online Kernel Methods SS03, Computer Laboratory, William Gates Building
29 Nov 15:00 Gavin Stark, Visiting Fellow, Computer Laboratory The Future of Computer Architecture SW01, Computer Laboratory
30 Jan 14:05 Mbou Eyole, ARM The Next-Generation Vector Architecture for HPC SS03, Computer Laboratory, William Gates Building
05 May 10:00 David Wentzalff, Princeton University Processors for the Data Center and Cloud of the Future FW11, Computer Laboratory
09 May 14:00 Prof. Massimo Alioto, National University of Singapore Energy-Quality Scalable Adaptive VLSI Circuits and Systems – The Way towards the Next 10X Energy Reduction SS03, Computer Laboratory, William Gates Building
Note unusual time
13 Jun 12:00 Jenny Molloy, Department of Plant Sciences The Biomaker Challenge: an introduction Computer Laboratory, room SS03
24 Jul 11:00 Jiang Su, Imperial College London Redundancy in Deep Neural Networks and Its Impacts to Hardware Accelerator Design SW01, Computer Laboratory

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