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Top Reasons to Visit Tenerife

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With a reputation as “The Island of Eternal Spring” due to it’s moderate year round average temperatures of between 18 – 24 degrees, Tenerife is an ultimate year round destination.

But there’s so much more to this incredible island. With it’s world renowned Carnival, superb 5 star hotels than many other popular destinations, as well as being in the same time zone as UK, it makes for a perfect getaway.

The people at Tenerife Forum have listed their top reasons to visit Tenerife in the section below to help you get a better idea of what’s on offer.

Awe Inspiring Scenery

With its volcanic lunar like landscape of Mount Teide to the dark or golden sandy beaches dotted around the island in both north and south, there is so much variety on the island.

There are ancient fern forests in the Anaga mountain range, with some locations being recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Mount Teide is the most popular site on the island and no visit to the island is complete without getting up close and personal to Teide.

The shorelines have a range of differing colours due to the volcanic conditions as well as some imported sand from the Sahara over the years. And not forgetting the natural pools that complement the coasts, allowing people to swim in safety when the seas become a little bit too rough.

Stargazing Bonanza

Without a doubt, Tenerife is a front runner when it comes to stargazing thanks to the clarity of its skies and the restrictions in the surrounding airspace.

There are many guided tours available that take you to the Teide Observatory where the guides will show you constellations, or you can have personalised tours that allow you to spend the night in the area and kit you up with scopes, food, drinks, as well as accommodation for the night. You might even catch sight of a shooting star to make the experience complete.

Go on a Sea Safari

The clean and clear waters that surround the island of Tenerife are the perfect habitat for marine life and boasts large migrations as well as resident colonies of pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins.

From the ports of Los Gigantes or Puerto Colon in the south and south west of the island, boats can be chartered whose speciality is for this purpose and is a fun filled day for both marine enthusiasts, or families with children wanting to spot these majestic creatures in their natural environment.

Colourful Tenerife

The UNESCO World Heritage status also counts the city of La Laguna in it’s list due to its historic architecture and vibrant colours that bring the entire are to life.

La Lagune is a great day out and you can roam around to view the colonial architecture of its picturesque buildings and even pop into one of the many boutique shops for those memorable trinkets and souvenirs.

On the way, you can also visit the capital city of Santa Cruz that is bustling with activity and its palm lined boulevards that are manicured to perfection along with several parks in the vicinity.

Always Time for Food and Local Cuisine

From Michelin starred restaurants to the many local quachinches offering delicious local delicacies, there is something for every palate. 

Tapas dishes are popular with the fresh padron peppers, papas arrugadas also known as wrinkly potatoes with mojo sauce of course, and not forgetting croquettes.

Local wine is worth sampling too as it helps support the local vineyards on the island.

Back to Youth

Tenerife is ideal for families with everything on offer whatever your taste. There are many water sports options such as surfing, jet skis, diving, kayaking, and many more.

If you prefer land activities then there are options for cycling, and other modes of transport to take you on routes around the island. Hiking is popular as it allows you to really absorb the scenery and get an amazing tan in the process.

Alternatively, you can go to Siam Park which is considered the best water park in Europe and you can do things at your leisure while getting the adrenalin pump on the more heart pounding slides

Island Summary

Tenerife certainly deserves a visit if you haven’t already and if you want the latest news about the island, then be sure to check Tenerife Weekly for all the latest news from the local papers in English.

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