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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats for PC All cheats for GTA San Andreas on PC. Here you will find the codes and keys to have infinite money and health, unlimited weapons, all vehicles, remove police stars and much more!

Writing ยท13:09 10/3/2019 Cheats on PS2 Cheats on Xbox Cheats on Xbox 360 Cheats on PS4 On this page, we will show you all the cheats that exist for How to activate the tricks? To make the cheats work, enter any of these keys while playing , without even pausing the game to get the desired effect. Sometimes you will see that there is more than one code for the same trick , do not worry, you can use the one that you like, because both are valid (and do not have to be in Uppercase). Of course, remember to save before because some cannot be deactivated and they can spoil your game. Vehicle cheats for GTA San Andreas These are all the vehicle tricks in GTA San Andreas with which you can make cars, motorcycles and trucks appear and even tanks or planes . In addition you can also get special effects such as making them invisible, being able to fly with cars, that they all have nitro, and much more. Jetpack Trick: ROCKETMAN / YECGAA. Tank (Rinho) Trick: AIWPRTON . Combat fighter (Hydra) Trick: JUMPJET . Attack helicopter (Hunter) Trick: OHDUDE . Flying cars Trick: RIPAZHA . Sports 1 (Hotring Racer v1) Trick: PDNEJOH / VROCKPOKEY. Sports 2 (Hotring Racer v2) Trick: VPJTQWV . Parachute Trick: AIYPWZQP . Race Car 1 (Bloodring Banger v1) Trick: OLDSPEEDDEMON . Race Car 2 (Bloodring Banger v2): Trick: CQZIJMB . Golf Cart (Caddy) Trick: RZHSUEW . Excavator (Dozer) Trick: EEGCYXT / ITSALLBULL. Monster truck Trick: AGBDLCID / MONSTERMASH. Light aircraft Trick: FLYINGTOSTUNT . Quad Cheat: AKJJYGLC / FOURWHEELFUN. Ranch Trick: JQNTDMH . Hearse (Romero) Cheat: AQTBCODX / WHERESTHEFUNERAL. Limousine (Strech) Trick: CELEBRITYSTATUS / KRIJEBR. Stunt Plane Trick: URKQSRK . Petrol Truck (Tanker Truck) Trick: AMOMHRER . Garbage truck Trick: UBHYZHQ / TRUEGRIME. Vortex Hovercraft Trick: KGGGDKP . All cars have nitro Trick: COXEFGU / SPEEDFREAK. All taxis have nitro Trick: VKYPQCF . Flying boats Trick: AFSNMSMW . Extreme driving (cars spin to the max) Trick: PGGOMOY / STICKLIKEGLUE. Tank mode cars Trick: JCNRUAD . Create an explosion in all cars Trick: CPKTNWT . Cars float and fly (when you crash) Cheat: BSXSGGC / BUBBLECARS. All cars can navigate the water Trick: GKPNMQ . Invisible Cars Cheat: GKPNMQ .XICWMD / WHEELSONLYPLEASE .

Money and health tips These are all the tricks that exist to earn a lot of money and get rich in GTA San Andreas , have infinite life and never die, be invincible or if you prefer, end your existence. Get + $ 250,000, maximum health and 100% armor Trick: HESOYAM . Invincibility Trick: BAGUVIX . Commit suicide instantly Cheat: GOODBYECRUELWORLD / SZCMAWO. Cheats of weapons and ammunition These are all the tricks with which you can get all the weapons in the game with infinite ammunition and thus be able to unleash chaos in the state of San Andreas. Weapons Pack 1 (AK-47, Baseball Bat, Spray, Mitten, 9mm, Shotgun, Micro SMG , Rifle, Flare Gun and Molotov Cocktail) Trick: LXGIWYL . Weapons Pack 2 (Desert Eagle, Knife, Cropped Shotgun, Tec 9, M4 Rifle, Sniper / Sniper Rifle, Grenades, Fire Extinguisher, and Flamethrower) Trick: KJKSZPJ / PROFESSIONALSKIT. Weapons Pack 3 (MP5, Chainsaw, Stinger, Silenced Pistol, Advanced Shotgun, and C4 Blast Pack) Trick: UZUMYMW . Infinite ammo Trick: WANRLTW / FULLCLIP.

Skills cheats, stats and special effects With these tricks, you can manipulate the different statistics of CJ at your whim and get special skills and powers with which to dominate the streets. Assassin level with all weapons Cheat: PROFESSIONALKILLER / NCSGDAG. Shoot and aim from the cars Trick: OUIQDMW . Recruit pedestrians (with a 9mm) Trick: SJMAHPE . Recruit Pedestrians (with rocket launcher) Cheat: ZSOXFSQ / ROCKETMAYHEM. Maximum driving ability in all vehicles (cars, motorcycles, aircraft …) Trick: NATURALTALENT . Maximum respect Trick: WORSHIPME . Sex Appeal to the fullest Trick: HELLOLADIES . Super jumps Cheat: KANGAROO / LFGMHAL. Super punches Trick: IAVENJQ / STINGLIKEABEE. Adrenaline mode (slow motion) Trick: MUNASEF . Maximum resistance Trick: VKYPQCF . Oxygen and infinite diving Trick: CVWKXAM . Never be hungry Trick: AEDUWNV . Fat to the max Trick: BTCDBCB . Super bike and BMX jumps Trick: JHJOECW / CJPHONEHOME. Maximum thinness Trick: KVGYZQK . Muscle building to the max Trick: JYSDSOD / BUFFMEUP.

Cheats for the police search level These are the tricks you need if you want to remove stars to stop being chased or if you want to increase them so that the police chase you. Delete the search level Trick: ASNAEB / TURNDOWNTHEHEAT. Increase search level (2 stars) Trick: OSRBLHH / TURNUPTHEHEAT. The police never chase you Trick: AEZAKMI / TESTEDUCATIONALSKILLS. Increase the search level to the maximum (6 stars) Trick: BRINGITON . Pedestrian and traffic tricks: With these tricks you can influence the behavior of pedestrians and their appearance as well as that of street traffic . Aggressive driving Trick: YLTEICZ . Pedestrians with weapons Trick: FOOOXFT . Aggressive pedestrians (attack you) Trick: BAGOWPG . Pedestrians go crazy Trick: AJLOJYQY . Aggressive pedestrians with weapons Trick: BGLUAWML . Traffic lights always green Trick: ZEIIVG . Women’s magnet (sexual theme) Trick: BEKKNQV . Country theme Trick: FVTMNBZ . Beach party theme Trick: CIKGCGX . Ninja and katana theme Trick: NINJATOWN . Black traffic Trick: IOWDLAC . Industrial theme (Suits and vehicles Born 2 Truck) Trick: BMTPWHR . Elvis mode Trick: ASBHGRB / BLUESUEDESHOES. Funhouse theme (Pedestrians and Cj disguised as clowns) Trick: PRIEBJ / CRAZYTOWN. Pink traffic Trick: LLQPFBN . No traffic or people Trick: GHOSTTOWN . War on the streets (chaos mode) Trick: IOJUFZN / STATEOFEMERGENCY. Traffic with poor cars Trick: EVERYONEISPOOR / BGKGTJH. Traffic with sports and luxury cars Trick: EVERYONEISRICH / GUSNHDE. Bands everywhere Trick: BIFBUZZ . Members of your band on all sites Trick: ONLYHOMIESALLOWED / MROEMZH.

Tricks of the environment weather and climate These tricks are used to modify and manipulate how time passes in the game and to alter the weather . Fastest game clock Trick: YSOHNUL . Faster gameplay (fast camera) Trick: SPEEDITUP / PPGWJHT. Slow motion (clock and slower game) Trick: SLOWITDOWN . Set the clock at midnight (00: 00h) Cheat: XJVSNAJ / NIGHTPROWLER. Cloudy weather Trick: CFVFGMJ . Orange sky at 9:00 p.m. Trick: OFVIAC . Cloudy sky Trick: ALNSFMZO . Rainy time Trick: AUIFRVQS . Sandstorm Trick: CWJXUOC . Sunny day Trick: AFZLLQLL . Lightning storm Trick: MGHXYRM . Very sunny weather Trick: ICIKPYH . All collectibles, unlockables and rewards Hidden Package Rewards Unlockables Requirements MP5 , Satchel Charge, M4, and combat shotgun at the Casino of the Four Dragons in Las Venturas Collect all the horseshoes in Las Venturas. Sniper rifle, grenades, shotgun and gicro-SMG in the CJ Garage in San Fierro. Obtain all 50 snapshots in San Fierro. Tec-9, AK-47, cropped and molotov at CJ’s house in Ganton Make the 100 graffiti tags in Los Santos. Bonuses for completing the game Unlockables Requirements Hydra appears at CJ’s home on Grove Street. Complete the game 100%. Increased money. Complete the game 100%. Status increase. Complete the game 100%. Rhino appears at CJ’s house on Grove Street. Complete the game 100%. Acquisitions Unlockables Requirements Landing track Complete the missions on the runway. Burger Shot Complete all 4 installments in Las Venturas. Hippy shopper Complete all 4 installments in San Fierro. Roboi’s Food Mart Complete all 4 installments in Los Santos. The Johnson House Take over the territories of Los Santos. Parking manager of the Vank Hoff Hotel Complete the 5 levels of parking manager in San Fierro. Wang cars Complete the missions for this acquisition, and the cars you steal will appear in the showroom. Zero RC Store Complete all missions in the RC Store. Dual weapons Unlockables Requirements Dual Micro Machine Gun Reach the rank of hitman. Dual pistols Reach the rank of hitman. Dual cropped Reach the rank of hitman. Dual Tec-9 Reach the rank of hitman. Girlfriend rewards Unlockables Requirements Paint the car for free Meet Michelle and you can use her garage to paint your car for free. Keep the weapons after being eliminated Meet with Barbara. Keep the weapons after being caught Meet Katie. Pistol, chainsaw, molotov and flamethrower Meet Helena. You can find the weapons on a shelf in his house. Bridal cars Unlockables Requirements Bandito Helena is 50% (her car has no doors). Green hustler Remains with 50% denise. Monster truck Michelle remains at 50%. Pink club Remains with Milie at 50%. Police Ranger It remains with Barbara at 50%. White Romero Katie remains at 50%. Vehicle Side Quest Unlockables Unlockables Requirements $ 50,000 and free train travel Complete both levels of the Train of Terror missions. Maximum armor Complete all 12 levels of Vigilante missions. CJ becomes fireproof Complete all 12 levels of the Fire Truck missions. Entertaining prostitutes gives you money Copmleta level 10 of the Chulo missions. Maximum health Complete all 12 Paramedic missions. Nitro in all Taxis and all taxis can jump Successfully transport 50 people on taxi missions. Other secrets and tips Get a million bucks To get a million dollars safe, complete all races in first place. Infinite career In order to sprint without getting tired, complete the Robo mission, and steal $ 10,000 for CJ. Infinite ammo Complete the game with 100% progress to unlock infinite ammo. Repair vehicles for free Park your car in one of your garages, retreat for the door to close, and immediately step forward for it to reopen. The car will be repaired from all dents or breaks. Free money Go to a strip club and stand in front of the stripper. When people look at it, they will give you money. Actually, the money you will receive, because you are right in the place where the money that people offer you will stop … Safe and early exploration During the “Gathering Families” mission you have to shoot a SWAT team and enter the motel to save Sweet. Having defeated the SWAT , if you do not enter the motel you can travel all over the map and enter all the restricted areas such as the military base or the maps that until now were blocked. You will not have a search level and the police will not bother you. This is the best time to confirm item and vehicle locations and to collect the most complicated snapshots, oysters, and horseshoes. Recharge us without waiting If you don’t want to wait to recharge the NOS to be able to use it again, get out of the car and get in again. The NOS will be at the top again. Open restricted areas During Woozie’s quest “Amphibious Assault”, the quest level is disabled. Now you can travel to each of the places on the map without problem, including restricted areas, such as the naval base on the east side. This is the time to catch the two oysters at the naval base without taking any damage. Basketball tricks Press the left mouse button while playing basketball to do tricks with the ball. Choose the size of the moon Shoot the moon with the sniper rifle to resize the moon from small to large and vice versa. Edit the status of any vehicle Go to the installation directory of the game, it should appear something like this: C: Program FilesRockstar GamesGTA San Andreas You go to the “data” directory. Make a backup (just in case) of any file before modifying it . Edit the vehicles in the handling.cfg file , opening it with the notebook. Follow the instructions in the comments within the file to change different parameters for each vehicle. For the attack of the gangs in your territory To stop the attack of other gangs in your territory, save the game. This will stop the gang war and you won’t have to get involved. Keep two cars in your garage Bring the two cars you want to your garage. Tuck one of them only halfway, leaving the door open and room for the other car to pass. So, get out of the car and get into the other vehicle waiting outside. Put the latter inside, totally. Get out of the car and get into the car that is halfway between the garage and the street. Put it all inside the garage and … You already have two cars stored!

Other tricks of the Grand Theft Auto saga witcher 3 following the thread codes for pet ranch simulator risk of rain 2 console commands qnnit

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